Rise Of The Dark One


Why I am doing this.

Well, I started my original adventure post without any type of introduction.  Since everyone else is doing it, so will I.  Basically, I'm caving in to pressure.  So, my reason so starting a campaign is simple.  I had a whole bunch of ideas in my head for some time, and then I started writing them down.  Besides, Mike was doing one and I thought, "if Mike can do it so can I".  I had 1 campaign, I believe, and it was short lived.  I really wasn't prepared, so for my current one, I really wanted to do a good job.  I also wanted to, in my way, give back to the players.  You see, they have been running campaigns and I have had alot of fun with them.  This way, I can show them some fun as well.  My greatest hope in doing this is for my friends (which happen to be some of my best;  but don't worry I'll give a shout out to another best friend, Victor, who is not in the group and is out in Cali.).  It does not matter to me if I mess up, make mistakes, etc., it matters that we all had a good time with it.

Now, since everyone else is rating people, I'm gonna do the same.  Now I am going to be brutually honest with everyone, and if your offended, sucks to be you.  So, here we go:

A.J.:  I met A.J. through Nick.  I joined his group when I was 17.  I also briefly worked with him as well at a retail place.  A.J. is def. a decent person.  But to be honest, when we first started playing, he did get on my nerves.  He was on my case constantly.  I actually think I took a break from roleplaying because of him.  But that was a long time ago.  I think maybe we had a total of one or two arguments.  And we are talking like 15 years of knowing him.  I would also say, within the last year, we have gotten really close.  I would say overall, A.J. is one of my top five best friends.  He's def. unselfish, funny, and great to talk too.  Although if he has been drinking, it's hard to get a word in edgewise.  He dosent like talking over the phone and would rather you come over instead.  His door is always open.  He's really good at the rules and character building.  He knows what he wants to do and does it with his characters.  At times his characters will get slightly quiet about certain things.

John:  John was a member of A.J.'s group.  When we met, he really didn't talk to me much.  Then as we got to know each other we became better friends.  John and I for like 2 years when on an interstate gentlemen's club tour.  It was crazy.  He took me to places I never knew existed.  It was a whole lotta fun.  Although we did have 1 major argument.  Aside from a whole lotta small ones.  Things are fine now.  But I do have to say, at times, John will come down on me harder than anyone else.  Im convinced that its tough love.  But its apparent we are true friends since we always remain friends after each and every fight or argument we have had.  John's likes tough characters who will just bash people apart.  He also seems to be partial to somewhat pyschotic characters (even a small penchant for arsonists).

Mike:  Mike Mike Mike, what can I say.  Another one that was part of A.J.'s group.  Mike and I have a very interesting friendship. We will make fun of each other constantly, we'll get mad at each other constantly, we'll even call each other names.  But we also can count on each other whenever it is needed.  I could call Mike, and talk lengthily about character concepts and creations.  One thing I like to do is laugh when he misses.  He hates that.  But I will also cheer when he hits.  He likes that.  He will praise me when I do some good roleplaying but he will get real p'od when I make fun of his characters.  I like to make fun of Mike…alot, only because he's a great guy and a really good friend.  And I know he can take it.  Cause he will give it right back…even though his aren't usually as good as mine (i.e. Monkey god).  But he will get the best of me sometimes.  He loves to roleplay.  Every action, every word, everything about it.  I commend him for that.  No meta-gaming for him.  He like characters to have some goofy thing about them.  He also like powerful items or magical weapon.  But he does play his characters to the hilt.

Becca:  Becca is A.J.'s wife.  And the latest comer to the group.  She is very smart, caring, and very helpful.  I have always gotten along with her.   I don't think we ever had one disagreement.  I think she has fit in very nicely iin our group.  And its very nice to have a female with her perspective there.  She isn't one to know the all rules (which is fine).  Its funny cause she's married to the one who knows all the rules.  Her characters are very easy going and likable.  She knows what she wants her characters to be and does that.  And she does write the best notes ever.  She also had one of the most caring characters ever (Vande-everyone should know why).

Nick:  Nick is my oldest friend.  We are looking at close to twenty years.  We first started roleplaying together.  We learned together.  We have always shared simliar interests (with exception to Anime).  Since we have known each other for so long, we can always be brutually honest with each other.  And like any really long term friendship, we have had our ups and downs.  Good times and bad.  I've seen him at his worst times and his best.  I've always been there for him and he's always been there for me.  We've done a road trip (Boston-totally rocked and recorded "Parmagiannaaaaaa".)  At times it feels like he snubs me at times, but I prob do the same.  He is a friend for life.  Regardless if we fight or dont.  It's almost like he's a brother to me.  He loves to roleplay too.  And he will roleplay to the tee.  Although I have caught him meta-gaming once or twice but its ok, who dosent?  Just about all times, like Mike, he goes all out.  I def. respect him for that.

Giorgo:  Of everyone, I probably know Giorgo the best.  And even I dont know everything about him.  Hee hee.  Giorgo is def. one of my best friends.  He is such a great guy.  Although he dosent always laugh at my jokes, he will laugh at some of my antics.  His family is great, like a second family to me.  Although I could go without his Dad hitting me (haha).  Giorgo takes everything in stride.  And if I ever get the better of him, he'll just hit me or come back with a very viscious remark.  He's a quiet player, but he'll always have something to say when you least expect it.  His characters have a specified path he follows.  And he won't just do something to help you out.  As long as you give him a reason, he'll have his character do what you want.

I'll even rate myself while being honest:

Chris:  Im the best looking, funniest, and most creative one there is with the group.  Haha j/k.  I like to do what I want.  I can be a pain in a$$ sometimes, but overall I'm a pretty good guy.  I don't take kindly of being told what to do.  In fact, I'll even do the opposite.  I also don't like being singled out.  For example, if everyone is doing the same thing, but i'm the one who gets yelled at or punished….I dislike that.  If I'm doing something wrong, then correct me.  If everyone is doing the same thing wrong, then correct everyone, not just me.  One thing I will pride myself is, no matter what, I will always be there for my friends with the best of my ability.  No matter if we are fighting or not.  I will always be willing to listen and help.  Now, for my characters, I'm more interested in an interesting build or concept.  Sometimes they don't come out the way I wanted them too but I always try.  It dosen't matter if I'm the most powerful, as long as I'm doing what I want to be able to do.  One thing is bad is, if something happens to my character that I don't like, I may lose interest in them.  And that is something I'm trying to fix.

Well that's my take on everyone.  Bottom line is that they are some of my best friends and I love them all dearly.


Two pumps to my heart and a touch to the lips, “right back at you brother”.


Heh-heh, Bahston Tea Pahhrrty, Tea Pahhrrtyy. And don’t forget trying to find Bunker Hill.


Psssshhhh…Bunker Hill does not exist. Just a scam set by our government.


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