Rise Of The Dark One

Week 10: While On The Way To The Bandit Camp....

(DM Note: Doing these posts from memory. Let me know if I make a mistake.)

As The group travels the long road towards the bandit activity, they enter an area that is quite rocky with a heavily forested area on both sides. As they are traveling cautiously (Knowing that this would be prime bandit country), they see two men up the road. One of the men is laying and moaning from wounds and the other leaning over trying to help him. As they see the wagons with the travelers the one calls out for help. The group thinking that is a possible setup and stop, eying both the two up ahead and around them in the woodsy surroundings. Mercy then steps up and throws her javelin at the two. The other group members look to her (half thinking is she “nuts” and the other half thinking “good move”) in shock. The javelin narrowly misses the two and sticks in the ground about 2 feet from them. She then calls out, “That was a warning shot”. The two immediately jump to their feet and run off the road toward the woods on opposite sides. (A funny scene when the two jump and run off almost immediately, since the players knew this was an obvious trap). Bandits then came from all sides in the ambush. The group took to arms. Bron jumping off his wagon, started to let loose his arrows. The rest of the group went into melee. During the attack, one of the bandits jumped onto the one wagon and took off with the goods. Connell used his magic to halt the bandit driving the wagon away. The fight ended with all the bandits dead, except for one who was captured. The surviving bandit, under duress of being killed by Mercy, revealed where the bandit camp was and how to enter the hideout. Seeing the brutish way of dealing with the bandit, Darius urged Mercy to leave and let him deal with the bandit. Mercy then sensing the tension decided to concede to the demand and let Darius deal with the captured bandit. The group then decided to tie up the blabbermouth and proceed to the camp on foot. They went up the road for a little bit more and saw where where the bandit told them where the entrance was. It was a rocky wall that was located at the end of the road and embeded into the forest. The group enters the hideout the way the bandit told them, pulling on a certain tree branch. With the element of surprise, the group started to battle through the encampment.

As Imsh figured a way out of the bandit camp with the scraggily dog in tow, he sees another group coming up the road towards the camp. Imsh, thinking that these were more bandits, hides behind the trees off the road. Seeing the dead bandits down the road slightly, he decides that these new people aren’t bandits and decides to follow them back into the bandit camp. Keeping safe through distance and under cover from the woody area.


This was the week where Mercy let Darius slide. After the fight was over, Darius was asking the wounded bandit about his fellow criminals. Mercy came up to the two and basically threatened the guy with death if he didn’t reveal his hideout. Though the guy talked (the Intimidation roll succeeded), Darius told Mercy to go away and leave business to him. Ah, another example of Mercy’s brutish, but strangely effective methods.


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