Rise Of The Dark One

Week 11: Surprise Bandits...Now Where's Kralle?

(DM Note: Doing these posts from memory. Let me know if I make a mistake.)

The group sneaks into the bandit camp and start hacking and skewering all the bandits. The bandits not prepared for the attack, rally the troops. The bandits come running from all their spots and side camps. Some of the bandits took up a defensive position, hiding behind carts and crates. Waiting for their chance to ambush the invaders. The group sensing and noticing these bandits in their hiding spots, stopped and regrouped attempting to lure them out. Mercy then took up one of the recently decapitated bandit’s head and threw it in the midst of the hiding bandits. The bandits seeing this display of brutality left their spots and attempted to take on the group head on. Bron started to pin-cushion their charge, while the rest of the group set themselves to meet their desperate charge. The bandits are no match from the onslaught from the group. As the group marches their way through the camp, noticing how big and expansive this bandit camp is, find all sorts of chests, barrels, and loot from months or even years of ambushing poor travelers. They finally reach the side camp of Kralle. He is there with 3 other bandits and another dark mysterious person. The group knowing that this other one is dressed far too nice and menacing to be a simple bandit.(Storyline nudge) The battle ensues. The 3 other bandits try to put up a fight but are quickly beat down. Kralle and his weird friend try their hardest to beat back the adventurers. The dark stranger lets loose his fighting prowess coupled with magic. Eventually, Kralle and his friend are killed. The group then loots Kralle’s sidecamp. Keenan chops off Kralle’s head and takes the strange skull belt buckle from the other person. After the group clears out the rest of the camp. They head back to Sherndale.

Imsh, while following the groups wave of attack in complete silence and out of sight, watches these people kill all the bandits and their leader. He also watches them take all the loot from the camp including his possessions. Maintaining his secrecy he waits till the group leaves and then after a quick once over for any supplies, he and his new dog leave the bandit camp.

While the group reports back to Governor Vinehall, they display the head of Kralle and the skull belt buckle. Vinehall looks somewhat concerned and thanks the group. He then pays them and takes the belt buckle while saying he must report to the King. He rushes off. The group now thinks that since their jobs have come to a close, they disband for now and go off on their merry way. Being exhausted from the day’s fighting, they all decide to rest up in different inns and taverns through Sherndale. While sleeping, they each get a visitor that woke up each one. It was a tiny Fairy with he same statement, “Psssst wakeup…Master wants to speak with you. Master is Faxmornt”. The fairy gets mixed reactions. Some like Mercy, always looking for a quick buck, is eager to go. Although getting a good night’s sleep was equally important. And some like Darius, who gets annoyed when he is woken up, tells him he’ll go later. When the fairy leaves, the group in their respective beds’ sleep the night away…


Onslaught, such a good word. I remember Mercy chopping off a bandit’s head and throwing it to where she thought his fellows were cowering, screaming out something to the effect of surrender or death is coming. I also recall the squeemish reaction to Mercy putting the bandits down. Really, just a pratical and professional action. She didn’t want to cart them back to town, just to be healed up, put on trial, and hung. Such a waste of time and resources. I mean let’s face it, they had years worth of loot. The town was so going to hang them.

And for the fairy…Sure, Mercy doesn’t mind a paying job, but couldn’t it let her have a full night’s sleep?


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