Rise Of The Dark One

Week 12: The Crazy Old Coot, Faxmornt

Well when we last left our intrepid heroes, they were all visited by a pixie. Quite rudely in middle of the night. Each of them all had the same message. It was in the same vain as, “Master wants to see you. He will pay”. In the morning, Mercy was first to awaken, followed by Bron. By the time Bron came down for breakfast, Mercy was just starting to eat. Bron pulls up a chair backwards and tries to engage in small talk. Mercy, being uninterested, just continued to eat and answered only when she had too. A few minutes later, Keenan arrives. He also sits at the table. Bron receives his food as Keenan began to order. Mercy, already finished was about to depart and head towards Faxmornt Tower. Bron then convinces her that she should wait. Kennan and Bron were also visited by the pixie. They all decide that they were going to go together. As the threesome was about to finish their breakfast, Connell and Darius make their way to the taproom. Connell feeling a bit of a hangover was excited to go to Faxmornt Tower. You never know how much pie he could have. Darius was not that interested in going, but Connell convinced him that he should. Bron, Mercy and Keenan overheard Connell and Darius talking about the visit, so they all decided to go together to Faxmornt’s tower. When they all finished eating, they purchased horses and headed for the tower that about a day’s ride out.

As they were approaching the tower, they saw it looming in the distance. Over 400 feet tall and 75 feet in diameter, it was no doubt that this tower was magically constructed. As the group got closer, the tower was in disrepair. There were cracks in the walls and pieces had crumbled away. The tower was black as night with a mighty oaken door in the middle. Mercy knocked loudly on the door and the group waited. A tiny sliding door opened, and they saw the pixie’s face looking out at them. The pixie let them in. The group looked around and they were in a large, bare foyer. the pixie told them to close their eyes. Half the group did it while the other half were somewhat suspicious of the weird request. They eventually did it, but not before Bron took out his bow and had an arrow at the ready. They all felt a strong wind come from below and they felt as though they were lifted up. After about 5 seconds they were told to open their eyes. They were now in a laboratory. With magical devices and science equipment scattered about. Connell immediately started to explore and touch everything. Even going to the length of placing things in his pockets. He wasn’t trying to steal them but rather he was so enamored by everything, the small jars and vials made their way into his clothing. A magical doorway then started to appear. First and outline, then the door itself. A very old and decrepit man wheeled himself out on a chair. His knuckles were twisted and he only had patches of gray hair strewn about his head. This was Faxmornt.



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