Rise Of The Dark One

Week 3: Trying To Get There

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


Mercy then leaves Cael (all the while reveling in its demise with its occupants) and after about a day of travel reaches the Crossroads.  Being such a busy intersection between Silverton and The Dark Lands, there a loads of travelers moving back and forth.  She then sees some guards there.  She asks for directions and then the guards start to harass her with going to Silverton.  Being fed up, she calmly tells them where she is going.  She also notices the man (Keenan) from the jail walking in her direction.  Shrugging, she continues on and reaches the Blackrose Keep.  Deciding that the Keep would probably have guards in it, she continues on down the road towards the docks.  She manages to pay for her travel in the small fishing vessel that was heading towards Silverton.  She also finds out that the ship will be passing Sherndale.


Keenan, who is following Mercy, also buys travel on the fishing boat.  He also follows mercy, before they leave, to the local pub.  It is there when Mercy finally confronts Keenan and questions him why he is following her.  Keenan then tells her that she is going to lead him to "Serasina" and he is going to kill her.  (DM note:  This is something John should not have said and he will have some serious problems because of it…Muhahahahaha).   Mercy really has no problem with this and tells him to not get in her way. They then board the ship together and sail off to Sherndale.  They reach Sherndale and then Mercy and her "shadow" as she calls him, ask a local peasent where to find the one in charge.  This very comical exchange ended with Mercy being very frustrated at the peasent.  In the end she finds out that she needs to see Govenor Brace Vinehall is the man who is hiring people for some local problems.  They get their directions and head to his manor. 


After a few minutes of silence, Bron who is slightly worried about his friend, opens the door to Lingston's office.  Scanning the room, he does not see Lingston but sees Stovie on the floor bleeding.  Bron quickly comes to his aid and notices a dagger sticking out of Stovie's chest.  Bron quickly tries to move him to the healer and Stovie grabs his hand and mutters, "Lingston".  With Stovie being unconscious and Bron not being the strongest person the world decides to now drag Stoive to the healer.  As he is getting closer to the door, four blue cloaked armored guards burst in.  Bron quickly pleads for their help.  The guards ignore his pleas and asks for him to turn around.  Bron hears one of the guards say, "He fits the description", and they repeat the order.  Bron then unwisely threatens the guards and they all brandish their weapons and repeat the order again.  Bron finally concedes after trying to recommend a healer.  The guards carry out Stovie and arrest Bron.

After sitting in jail for a few hours, two guards and Lingston enter his cell area.  Bron sits up and Lingston confirms that Bron is the one that stabbed Stovie.  This enraged Bron and he starts to argue and threaten Lingston in front of the guards.  The guards try to calm Bron and Lingston also comments how angry Bron is.  Bron then makes a special promise to Lingston.  Linsgton just smiles and leaves.  As he is walking out he turns and says in an evil way, "Gonna be a cold night", then he leaves.  Bron lays back down and tries to fall asleep.  After a few hours he hears someone calling his name.  As Bron looks up he sees and old friend turned guard named Lukas.  Bron being relived that his friend is there is trying to explain what happened.  Lukas easily knows that Bron did not do this and tells him that Lingston and the Captain of the guard are working together.  Lukas tells Bron that he has a friend in Sherndale that could help him get back on his feet and its far away enough until things calm down.  He also assures him that he will look over Stovie for him.  Lukas then releases him and Bron slips out into the night towards Sherndale.  (DM note:  The whole conversation between these two is not fully complete.  It will be done between me and mike at a future date.)


Darius Feroz, while doing his daily workout at his monastery, is approached by his teacher Brother Hepthus.  He takes Darius aside and starts to tell him that he has to make his way in the world.  Darius understands this and agrees with his teacher.  Hepthus then brings out this medallion, hands praying with 2 swords crossed like an x, and says that he must never show this medallion to anyone.  And one day he will learn about it.  Darius questioons about it but Hepthus just reiterates that he will learn it on his own.  After a few more moments of saying their goodbyes, Darius gathers his belongings and his teacher give him a hug and whispers in his ear, "Protect the medallion".  As Darius is about to leave, he notices true sadness in the eyes of his teacher.  He then turns and starts to go back to his hometown.  He is also excited in seeing his best friend Connell Shaughnessy back home.


Connell Shaughnessy lounges out by the lake under a tree daydreaming of any current conquests that he will be partaking in.  Recently he was kicked out of his grandmother's house.  He was given some gold and sent on his way.  After buying some gear he goes through some things he should be doing with his life.  He is approached by Froedrich from town, who happens to be a bully and one that isn't the shapest knife in the drawer.  He confronts Connell about him eaving and decides to try to rob him of his money.  Connell starts to explain that he has no money but he has no time for it.  In a silent panic Connell is surveying possible plans to get himself out of this mess.  Then cleverly, Connell is able to cast a sleep spell on Froedrich and succeeded.  Connell then wisely heads back to town before he wakes up.  As he gets to town he notices someone quite familar walking down the road into the town.  Its his long time friend Darius Feroz.

As quickly as Connell saw Darius he is upon him with great excitement.  It had been several years since the two have seen each other.  After a few minutes of Connell jumping around and Darius calmly sayig hi, they both head back to their folks homes.  Darius spends some time with his family as does Connell with Darius' family as well.  After a short stay of a day or two, Darius tells Connell that he wants to travel a bit and see some of the world. Connell agrees and is quite willing to go with Darius, since living in a small town has achieved high boring status.  Darius, while talking to one of his cousins, find sout that the Govenor of Sherndale is looking to hire some men to eradicate some local problems.  With this information the two decide to head there by the end of the week.  Now they would get to see some of the world have a little adventure as well. 

As they travel towards Sherndale they are confronted by a couple of bandits.  After refusing to pay the toll, a small fight ensues.  (DM note:  I actually made the bandits too strong for two first level characters.  So I did wind up altering the fight and opponents.  My apologies to Connell since he was killed in this unfair match).  As the fight was progressing, Connell was knocked unconscious but Darius was able to fend off the Bandits.  After caring and healing Connell, they both continue and finally reach the outskirts of Sherndale. 


Connell’s grandmother actually kicked him out, having tired of his lazybones ways, and having to apologize to all her neighbors for the petty thefts.

Week 3: Trying To Get There

I don’t know why the guards from Bron’s hometown would have suspected him. Didn’t they know that he only hangs out in the back and shoots arrows….sometimes. Clearly, he doesn’t have the stones to murder someone with dagger. Then again, the guy was already half dead and bed ridden, so I guess you could have suspected Bron, my apologies ;->

Week 3: Trying To Get There

oooo low blow

Week 3: Trying To Get There

Sorry, Mercy, we all can’t be completely insane. That’s OK, most rabid animals meet their end soon enough.

Week 3: Trying To Get There

ladies…ladies cat fighting is not allowed :)

Week 3: Trying To Get There

Hey, that wasn’t me making that comment to Mercy—it was Mike!!! (I assume I was logged in at the site when he used the laptop last night.)

Week 3: Trying To Get There

Rat’s!!! I was found out.

Week 3: Trying To Get There

I know it was Mike under your name, thats why i said that…hee hee

Week 3: Trying To Get There

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