Rise Of The Dark One

Week 4: Welcome To Sherndale

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


After Mercy and Keenan find out where the Vinehall manor is, they double time it over there.  Mercy showing a large amount of enthusiasm in acquiring work and quite possibly dumping off Keenan.  As they stroll through the small streets of Sherndale, they come across a large ornately designed building with a sign stating "Vinehall Manor".  They approach the guards and Mercy demands to see the govenor.  The guards lead the two to a larger room with 3 more guards and 3 other people.  One in particular looks to be in charge.  They introduce themselves to Brace and Brace does likewise.  It seems as though Brace was already explaining what the job was to the other two people.


Darius and Connell finally make it to Sherndale.  As they enter the small town they decide to stop off at a local tavern to get a quick drink and too find out directions where they can find Govenor Vinehall.  They stop off at the tavern a sit a table and order a couple of drinks to satisfy their thirst.  Darius walks up to the bar and asks the barkeep where they can find Vinehall Manor.  He gets the directions and heads back to the table where he left Connell.  From the time that Draius left and when he returned, Connell has already started a small gambling game using his sleight-of-hand skills.  He has already acquired 5 gold form the game.  darius sighs and tells Connell that they have to go.  Reluctantly, Connell agrees and packs up his winnings.  (Connell knowing that if he had some more time he would be able to earn a small fortune from these Sherndale commoners).  They then go out and find Vinehall Manor.  Two guards then escort them to see the Govenor.  After a small and informal introduction, Brace Vinehall starts to explain what the job is for.  And as Connell has finished haggling over the paying price, two other rough looking people are brought into the chamber by the guards.  Quick introductions are made and Darius and Connell head out of the chamber to find a room until the next morning when they will start their adventure.


Bron, travelling quickly and mostly at night, finally makes it to Sherndale.  As he enters the town, he has an overwhelming feeling of sadness as he thinks about Stovie and his current predicament.  He then blocks it out and concentrates on his current endeavor.  "To find Govenor Brace Vinehall for a job to make some cash."  he amkes his way through the twon asking for directions on where he can find the Govenor.  He finally comes across his manor and asks the guard that he is here for the hiring.  He is then led through the manor to the main chamber where Brace is finishing up talks with a man and a woman.  Both looking very rough and seedy.  The two go on their way and Bron then introduces himself to the Govenor and is then explained what the job is for.  He is also told that there will be four others to accompany him and they will meet at the manor in the morning.  Bron agrees to the terms and looks for a room for the night.


"The Job": "Skeletons have been randomly emerging, believed from the tomb, and haphazardly attacking the local Sherndale outlying farms.  The skeletons have been attacking the farmers and even their livestock.  The adventureres have been hired to either eradicate the skeletons or to find their source and then report back to Govenor Vinehall".


The next morning all five of the adventurers that were hired:  Mercy, Keenan, Connell, Darius, and Bron meet up in fron of Vinehall Manor.  They are also greated with Brace another man.  His name is Lupol.  And he is one of the priests for Brace.  He is going to accompany the group as a witness to the job at hand as well as medic in case the group gets in some serious danger.  Introductions were all met and off they went to the tomb.  As they approached the tomb they do see 2 skeletons milling about and walking aimlessly.  The group quickly destroys the skeletons.  Mercy doing most of the rekilling of the undead pests.  As they approach the front doorway of the tomb they notice the name on it on top of the doorway.  The name of the tomb was "Kaross Tomb".  Then the group readies themselves and enter the dimly lit dungeon…



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