Rise Of The Dark One

Week 5: Kaross Tomb (Level 1; Part 1)

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.) 


As the newly formed group enter the crypt, they encountered several rooms.  Each of the rooms were either empty, had a couple of skeletons, and/or some chests.  The whole crypt had an eerie dim light and the actual source was unknown.  There were also some small traps spread throughout the tomb.  Some of the traps were just in the rooms and some of the traps were on the chests.

Mercy did a large amount of damage to these skeletons.  She primarily used a heavy mace in dealing with the skeletons.  Savagely destroying them.

Keenan also chopped through the skeletons with a variety of weapons at his disposal.  Mostly using a heavy mace as well, he bashed the skeletons to bits in keeping up with Mercy.

Bron started to use his bow on the skeletons.  he quickly realized that his arrows were barely hurting the skeletons.  So he smartly put away the bow and unsheathed his short sword.  Again, not really damaging the skeletons, he then decided to hang behind the party and hope he was not needed.

Darius used his fists in dealing with the skeletons.  Knowing that his rapier would barely hurt them, he wisely chose to go in unarmed.  He proved to be very competent in destroying the skeletons.

Connell, not being versed in melee fighting, chose to hang back and away from the fighting.  He would rather use his wits and magic against foes, and since these mindless creatures were…well….mindless he wisely stayed away from the actual fighting.  He also concentrated on disposing of traps throughout the tomb.

The group headed by Mercy and Keenan while be being backed up with Darius, swiftly went from room to room.  Encountering random skeletons in rooms and hallways.  A notable exchange was between Darius and Mercy.  In which Mercy shoved by Darius to destroy a skeleton.  In which case, Mercy told Darius to essentially "pick it up or get out of the way".  Darius, who was dealing with the skeletons his own way disliked that but the group contined on throughout the crypt.



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