Rise Of The Dark One

Week 6: Kaross Tomb (Level 1; Part 2)

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory.  Let me know if I make a mistake.) 


As the group continued in their quest through the dimly lit labyrinth, they encountered more rooms with random battles with skeletons.  Their progress being slightly impeded with the presence of traps in the rooms, they did move methodically through the tomb.  Through their small battles with the undead wretches, they did take their bumps and bruises.  Lupol healing them as needed and Connell being instrumental and mostly successful in disabling the traps.  In the battles, Mercy proved to be the most successful.  Being extremely brutal and fatal to her opposers.

One notable room was a rather large room with 2 rows of 4 statues each.  They also found 3 dead bodies in the room with some gear.  Most likely, the bodies were the remains of a previous excursion into the crypt.  Each of the statues depicted 2 different persons; a man and  child in various poses.  Each of the statues had a small placard with small sayings.  The sayings were as followed:

Statue A:  Child listening as through a door:  "Hear My Pain".

Statue B:  Man looking down with a smile:  "Listen To Murder".

Statue C:  Child holding his nose:  "Smell The Rot".

Statue D:  Man reaching up into the sky:  "Scent Of Death".

Statue E:  Child crying while sitting:  "Push My Form".

Statue F:  Man with leg up as about to kick something or someone:  "Feel My Words".

Statue G:  Child staring as if staring at death itself:  "See My Torture".

Statue H:  Man standing proudly with hands on hips:  "Vision Of My Father".

As the inspection of the statues commenced, Keenan read each of the placards aloud and in order.  This resulted in Keenan going into a trance-like state.  The other members quickly turned their attention to Keenan who is standing there and looking a nothing.  

Keenan had a vision in which he witnessed a father taking his child into the crypt.  The father beat, tortured, and practically mutiliated the child.  Eventually killing him and burying him in the crypt.  The ghostly apparition then looked at Keenan and put up the "hush" signal and disappeared.  Then he saw the boy rise from the grave and silently pleaded with Keenan to help.

As quickly as Keenan went into the trance-like state he was out of it.  He told the others what he saw.  Shaken off the results of the ordeal the group continued to inspect the statues.  Bron then touched the placard of statue F and the placard moved into the statue itself.  The he went to statue E and pushed on the statue.  This statue moved and found a small place with a chest.  They then opened the chest to find a large amount of loot.  

The group then moved on room to room.  Finally reaching stairs leading downward.  As they readied themselves, they started to descend to the next level.      



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