Rise Of The Dark One

Week 7: Kaross Tomb (Level 2; Part 1): Enter Imsh

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


As the party decends into the lower level of the crypt, they are met with more skeletons.  But these skeletons were slightly different from the previous ones.  These walking undead had a red tinge to their bones and were much more heavily armored.  Consequently, these skeletons were much more harder to destroy.  The first couple batches that they had to destroy gave them a run for their money.  The group especially Mercy and Keenan took heavy damage from them.  Since they were the front line, they took the brunt of their attacks. 

The adventurers were making their way room to room and Connell was disarming traps when another attack took place.  During the attack, Mercy noticed that Bron has been staying out of most of the fights.  Mercy getting frustrated by this started to argue with Bron.  During the climax of the argument, Mercy stated to Bron, "Your a coward".  Bron, being extremely sensitive, took issue with that statement and then proceeded to shoot Mercy with an arrow.  This enraged Mercy (as with anyone) and took to arms.  She unsheathed her glaive and counterattacked.  Bron took a hit and then backed up and fired again.  Mercy pursued and kept fighting back.  After a moment or two of fighting, Bron decided to try to talk his way out of the situation.  Mercy ceased her offensive and listened to what Bron had to say.  Mercy successfully intimidated Bron and made sure that he knew that if he tried something like that again he would be killed.

During this small inter-party riff, Keenan had the attiude of either kill him and move on and/or stop fighting and move on.  Darius and Connell looked at each other with concern, wondering what they got themselves into with this party.  Lupol, the silent priest medic, thought that he won't have enough healing if the party members keep fighting each other.  After the fight was resolved, the adventures moved on and continued their trek through the crypt.


The wagon's wheels creaked for the lack of oil.  Laughter is heard from the bandit's as they made their way into their secret hideout.  They know they found a grand prize while out securing yet another merchant's goods.  Part singing and part joking, they parked the wagon in the primary meeting area.  One of the bandit's ran to get their leader, Kralle.  The others started to unload a medium sized chest filled with gems and trinkets that they had forceably took from a small merchant caravan.  A couple of other bandits came over to view the contents of the cart without the chest.  A large form was bound, gagged, and covered with a burlap covering.

Kralle arrived moments later in anticipation to see what the runner was babbling about.  He scanned the cart, looked around at the newly arrived bandits and said, "So what is it?"

One of the bandits, named Jenren, took the cover and whipped it off as a carnival magician would performing a trick.  "Voila", said Jenren.

Kralle stared for moment at the helpless, unconscious creature and responded, "What need do I have for this thing?  From the look of him, he dosen't seem like he's worth alot.  I mean, he dosen't seem as though he's from a rich family wearing scraps like that".

Jenren put his head down in disgust.  He was so excited to show his leader this half-orc, but now seeing his reaction, there would be no promotion for him.  "But I thought you'd be happy that we have him.  I thought you care to have…a slave of sorts".

Kralle shook his head a bit and responded, "Well I could care less.  If you guys want him to mess with, then keep him.  Just make sure he stays away from my gold".

A couple of bandit's nodded in agreement and Elasho said quickly, "Thanks boss, he'd be good for target practice".  He started to snicker when saying that.

"Whatever, don't interupt me again for something this stupid.  Now let me go back to my meeting.  And make sure he don't get away or it'll be your hides", and with saying that, Kralle stormed off back to his private section of the hideout.

A couple of bandits smiled again and then they brought the half-orc to another cart with a makeshift cage on top.  "Welcome to your new home slave", said Devon.  The bandit who was responsible in knocking out the half-orc.  Not caring that he could not hear him.

The next morning Imsh, the half-orc, awoke in a panic.  Not knowing where he was or how he got here.  he looked around and saw a couple of people laying around and a firepit that was just smoldering a bit.  He moved fast and got to the bars of his cage and yanked.  The bars held firmly.  He sat down finally realizing how much his head hurt.  With his hands still bound, he tried to rub the pain away from his temple.  he could feel a nice sized gash there and it had already scabbed up.  He ran his fingers over to estimate the size of the wound.  Then he put his hands down and closed his eyes thinking, "I've got to get out of here".

With Imsh in quiet pondering, Devon walked up to the cage.  Imsh with his attuned hearing heard someone was coming and readied himself for a possible escape if given the chance.  A loud pound rang into his pointed ears to the point that his head felt like it was going to explode.  Imsh grinded his teeth, he would not let out a howl of pain.  "Wake up beast", screamed Devon.

Imsh opened his eyes and stared at his captor.  He snarled just a bit.  He saw a bandit standing there with a metal pole.  No doubt that is what he used that made his brain hurt.  Imsh just continued to stare at the man.

"What, not going to talk animal?", queried Devon.  "Well let me tell you how much your fucked beast.  You see, your in my home now and you can't get out.  Try to steal from us when we're sleeping.  Now your going to be our toy slave."

Imsh continued to stare with hatred.  He envisioned rending this man from throat to groin.  Then as quickly as he saw it coming, the metal pole shot into the cage and hit Imsh squarely in the head.  Knowing that he more than likely could have avoided a blow like that, but as of now, he was not reacting like he normally would considering the wounds he already has suffered.  Imsh then fell backwards a bit and then he felt some spittle hit him in his face.  He reopened his eyes and reset himself.  He continued to stare at his provoker.  Refusing to let out an ounce of pain or speech.

"Filthy beast", Devon said with pride as he held the metal pole at his side.  "Oh we are going to have fun with you".  With that he chuckled and walked back to the smoldering firepit with his compatriots who all started to stir.

Imsh just continued to stare.  Then when he observed Devon sitting down, Imsh grinned just a bit showing the tips of his fangs.


Here, toy slave, put on this leather mask with a zipper for a mouth, says the creepy bandit.


One more thing, Mercy never actually called Bron a coward. If I remember correctly it went like so:

(Mercy to Bron):Why don’t you do something other than standing in the back like a coward. (Bron gets in Mercy’s face and says):I dare you to say coward again. (Mercy, sensing the play for dominance, gets a wry smile and says):Coward (Bron then shoots Mercy. She then only does the logical thing and defends herself)

Yeah, and Mercy’s got the short fuse?


Ahhh, I see the distinction you’re making there.

Mercy (or Mercy’s player) would have made a good lawyer.


But like I said, Mercy called Bron a “coward”.


Bron may have a short fuse, but Mercy just NUTS!


I disagree. Everything is done according to Mercy’s training and her desire for winning each engagement she enters. It’s not her fault that you don’t understand the significance of placing your defeated enemy’s blood over your eyes. Nor is her fault that you do not have a name for your weapon. Throwing severed heads at your enemies’ feet has a long history of intimidation and throwing your opponent off balance. Killing a dying foe is just efficient. Why waste your time healing him/her up enough to travel, hauling them back to a town that can handle them, all just to see the local magistrate hang them?

It’s unfortunate that she has a disability in her rage. It is a problem she has a fingernail’s control over. Yet, she has not done a single thing that was “NUTS.”

To be on record, she said Bron was “like a coward,” then she repeated the word “coward” on a dare. Mercy never said, “Bron, you’re a coward,” though it may be, and was, misinterpreted as such.


I think Mercy won this battle of words. And secondly, calling someone a “coward” and “like a coward” is the same exspecially in the context of how you said it.


I agree with MOST of what you say, but not all. First off, Mercy did call him a coward, she had said ‘stop standing in the back like a coward’, to which Bron’s reply was, ‘call me a coward again’, to which mercy replied, ‘coward’. Secondly, Bron does not think Mercy is ‘nuts’, because of the ‘wiping of the blood on her eyes’(though he does think that’s freaky), or ‘naming of her weapon’, or even ‘the throwing of severed heads at your enemy’. They are all part of what makes her a great and vicious warrior. The sickly yellow-green eye, the black veins(running through her as she rages), the uncontrollable rage and bloodlust, that is what makes Bron think she’s ‘NUTS’. He does not believe she is human, he thinks she is mixed or possessed, with some kind of monster.


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