Rise Of The Dark One

Week 8: Kaross Tomb (Level 2; Part 2)

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


As the group ventured deeper in the crypt, fighting with skeletons and the red tinged skeletons continued.  The adventures made their way through the winding corridors of the crypt.  Finally they found two great oaken doors.  The adventuring group readied themselves for a devastating battle, for which they assumed whatever was causing the rise of these skeletons originates through these doors.  After some quick preparation, they flew open the doors to meet their next challenge. 

In the room they observed several skeletons that were hovering around a red, glowing sphere.  They also witnessed in the far corner of the room a black void.  And from this void another skeleton crossed over into this world.  The group went into action.  They decided that the red sphere must be destroyed for it was responsible in summoning the skeletons. 

Mercy, Keenan, and Darius attempted to charge the sphere while also destroying skeletons that happened to get in the way.  Bron started to shoot the sphere with his bow, but to no avail.  Connell guarded Lupol in case he was injured in the battle.  Bron resulted in going to his shortword when he realized his arrows were having barely any effect.  Bron also tried to use his family's dagger to hack at the sphere but it had no effect.  The group continued to hack at the skeletons and sphere.  Then after several blows the sphere shattered and leaving only one piece of red shard.  Before their eyes the black void collapsed in upon itself and any skeletons left crumpled in a heap.

Keenan picked up the red shard and Lupol asked to see it.  Connell immediately argued that part of the deal was they could keep treasure that they ran across.  Lupol then explained that this red shard was important to study to understand better why this situation occured (Plus it was evidence that the job was done).  Keenan then decided the right thing to do was to give the red shard to Lupol so he could take it directly to Brace Vinehall.

The group decided to leave immediately to report back to the Govenor.  They made their way back through the crypt and back to Sherndale.  They met with Brace and retold the adventure that they had just had.  Mercy was very direct and wanted her payment right away.  Govenor Vinehall obliged and thanked the group for their hard work.  He paid each one their duly amount and also offered to have one of his wizards to identify any items that they wanted.  Bron also requested that his family's dagger be identified as well.  The wizard agreed and took all the items and stated that everything should be identified by the next morning.  The red shard was presented to the Govenor and he directly placed his attention to it with his council.

As the group were going to go their separate ways, Govenor Vinehall offered them another job.  The group decided they would hear this job when they came back for their items.  As the group dispersed, Bron noticed that his family's dagger was back where it was in its sheath.  He showed Connell in amazement.  He then had Connell promise to keep it quiet and then rushed back to see the wizard.


Imsh laid in his cage all morning.  He did notice that the bandits kept a pack of dogs for their protection.  But one dog, which seemed very ragged and small was being beaten around by the bandits.  No doubt the dog wasn't fit for the bandits use.  After some time passed Imsh observed the runt dog staring at him.  As if the dog took a liking to him.  Imsh stared back, as if he was somehow silently communicating with the animal.

Then some bandits came over to where Imsh was. The dog went and hid, afraid of being hurt again.  The bandits then proceeded to taunt Imsh once again.  Heckling, spitting, and even trying to hit the half-orc.  Imsh just stared at the bandits.  Too proud to show any type of weakness or pain.  Eventually the bandits got bored and went back to their daily work.  And as quick as the bandits stopped their abusive treatment and left the makeshift cell area, Imsh noticed that the dog was back and again staring at him.  


Ooooh, Imsh has a puppy!!


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