Rise Of The Dark One

Week 9: That Damn Dagger, That Damn Weaponsmith And That Damn Second Job

(DM Note: Doing these posts from memory. Let me know if I make a mistake.)

While the group goes on their way for some r&r, Bron quickly returns to Vinehall Manor to find the wizard. The wizard was still in the main room when Bron finds him. Bron then asks to speak to the wizard in private. As they go to the wizards chambers, Bron unsheathes the dagger and the wizard was shocked. He quickly searches through the items that were given to him by the adventurers and sees that the dagger was missing. After deliberation about what had happen, the wizard takes the dagger from Bron and tells him to leave the room. As Bron closes the door, he looks down and sees that the dagger is once again at his side. He then walks back into the wizards chamber and displays the dagger for the wizard to see. The wizard remarks that the dagger was at his side one moment and gone the next. With curious concern, the wizard then takes the dagger and tries a direct identifying spell upon it. With some major magic backlash, the wizard yelps in pain and frustration. Bron quickly goes to the aid of the wizard. The wizard relates that the dagger must some sort of powerful artifact from ages past. Far too powerful for the wizard to decipher. He advises Bron to either council a more powerful wizard or family member (Only after Bron relates that the dagger was in his family’s possession for generations). Bron thanks the wizard for his time and they wish each other well.

After some more time off. Connell and Bron meet up to bring the mundane weapons to the local Weaponsmith. As they drop their load upon the counter, Connell starts to embelish their recent jaunt in adventuring and over exaggerate the value of the weapons. The weaponsmith, knowing that the weapons were a bit on the poorly made side dosen’t go for the asking price of Connell. The two after some debate settle on a wager. The wager being the next customers coming in to view the weapons and buying them for a much higher price then their worth. If this being true, then the weaponsmith would buy the lot at Connell’s asking price. After some time passed and Connell verbally advertising the “fancy relic weapons” outside the shop, a crowd stars forming. Connell then secretly weaves his magic into convincing some members of the crowd to pay top dollar for the weapons. The weaponsmith then agrees to pay the asking price for the weapons, unknowing of the ploy set by Connell.

Mercy decides to go and take a long hot bath. She also buys a bottle of her favorite spirits to enjoy. During her relaxation period, she is very disappointed to learn that there is no “boytoy” for her to play with. Through this frustration she still manages to “take it easy”.

The next morning the group reconvenes in Vinehall manor. The governor meets with them and explains the nature of their next job. A group of bandits have been raiding the trade route coming from Sherndale. The governor wants them to put an end of the bandits activities. The group then agrees to the terms. After a little planning, Keenan acquires a wagon. They then fill the wagon with wine castes filled with water and off they go down the trade route.

As Imsh lay in his cell, a hushed hiss reaches his ears. Slightly startled, Imsh jumps up in a crouch and stares at the one who made the noise. It was one of the bandits, he explains that he does not think its right for the bandits to keep him prisoner and treat him like a filthy animal. Imsh just continues to stare, unknowing if this is some sort of trap or trick played by the young bandit. After some more explanation, he unlocks Imsh’s cage and runs off. Imsh, while still being suspicious, slides out the cage and disappears into the night within the bandit camp.


Mercy buys a bottle of liquor and takes a long hot bath. She is disappointed that they can’t find a boy for her to play with.


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