Rise Of The Dark One

Week 2: Rolling Along

(DM Note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


As Mercy lays in Jail, she witnesses Deathknights dragging another man (Keenan) into the cell next to hers.  Mercy being half-asleep really does not care about the new prisoner as much and yells at the guards to keep it down.  She eventually wakes up for the morning, and notices the Keenan is stirring.  The man eventually comes to his senses and Mercy basically ignores him.  Eventually Keenan acknowledges Mercy and a few pleasentries are exchanged.  Keenan does ask Mercy if she noticed how he was brought in and mercy responded with a simple "I don't know".  The guards come back and release Mercy from her cell.  Her possessions are returned to her as well as 10 g.p.  Mercy decided to head out of town right away, even giving herself a pep talk to, "Keep her big mouth shut".  As she is walking out of town, she runs into the same guards who arrested her the night before.  Mercy tries to ignore them and walk past, but they notice her and start to harass her again.  Mercy successfully ignores them and starts to make her way out of the city.  As she is leaving though, the guards call out to her and hope that she will respond but she dosen't.


Keenan, the new prisoner that was brought in while Mercy was incarcerated, woke up to a woman in the cell next to his.  (Note:  For the interaction between Mercy and Keenan in the jail; see above post).  Keenan gets released a few hours after Mercy does. His gear is returned to him and he notices he is short by 10 g.p.  After quick questioning without any quick answers, he leaves the jailhouse and is messaged by the "Powers That Be".  He makes his meeting and they infer that for Serasina is to be killed, a woman named Mercy will lead him to her.  He is also told that Mercy is the woman that was in the adjoining cell.  Keenan wastes no time and leaves to search her out.  He manages to see her leaving town and being taunted by some Deathknights.  He then decides to follow her as she is leaving.


After turning the caravan around, Bron leads them back to Collingston.  They need to regroup and report the incident to Lingston (The boss of their merchant company.)  They also need to heal Stovie who was badly injured in the attack. (You know, shattered collarbone and all).  As Lingston sees the approaching caravan, he is enraged.  Most likely because they had to go to Mathod and they are not doing that.  Lingston starts yelling at the men as they are getting closer.  Bron steps up and starts to explain why they are back.  Lingston has no time nor patience to hear excuses.  Lingston and Bron start to argue with each other especially when Bron indicates that the bandits may have been tipped off.  Lingston then implies that maybe Bron had something to do with the tip off.  Bron, outraged, yells back in his defense.  After a few more moments of arguing, Lingston orders Bron to get Stovie fixed up and he wants to see them both in his office in a few hours.  They do this, and when it is time they both head over to Lingston's office.  When they get there, Lingston asks to see Stovie first in his office.  Bron waits outside.  After a few minutes, Bron hears some yelling between the two and then some comotion.  Then silence…

Week 1: Let's Get It Started

(DM note:  Doing some of these posts from memory.  If players see something is not quite right, let me know and I will fix it.  Also, since not all the players were present or having their char. created, I'm combining the first couple nights into week 1).


Mercy is being plagued by dreams with a whisper of "Serasina".  The innkeeper hearing her screaming decides to bring in some Deathknights and shakes her down some extra money for himself.  She is living a hard life in the city of Cael and is looking for more work.    She goes to her contact to see if there is any.  He tells her that Governor Brace Vinehall from Sherndale is looking to hire people.  She accepts and decides to go.  Even though Sherndale is far west and past the crossroads.  As she tries to leave the city, she is harrassed by the city guard which are Deathknights.  These Deathknights also shake her down for some pocket cash themselves.  She is unresponsive to them and they decide to arrest her.  Mercy also secretly wishes that Cael should burn to the ground and wishes her tormentors (Innkeeper and Death Knights) would burn and suffer as well.  They charge her with disorderly conduct and put her in the stockade for the night.  She is also robbed of her money when she is locked up.


Keenan, also from Cael, is an aspiring assassin.  Looking to work for the highest bidder.  While in a tavern, he notices a cloaked man staring in his direction. He confronts the man.  The strange man tells him to meet him and his employers in an alley at a specific time.  Keenan accepts.  He meets up with a group of three, one of which was the man from the tavern.  They take him through one of the alley doors into a dark room.  There they ask for him to pledge his servitude.  Keenan rejects the offer while the group reconsiders their offer of loyalty.  They also told him of his first charge was to kill a woman named Serasina.  Then they also state that a woman named Mercy will lead him to her.  Keenan then blacks out.


Bron is working for a local trade route company.  Their latest job is a 2 week jaunt form Collingston to Mathod. But before he goes, he decides to visit his family.  After a small reunion, Bron relates to his father that he had to take someones life.  Bron's father consoles him and lets him know that life is filled with hard choices.  Then he gives him a dagger.  This dagger has been in his family for generations.  It is old, gaudy, rusted, and unwieldy.  It is only known to be able to destroy the  most evil.  His father laughs and then says he cant seem to get rid of it.  Bron goes back to his band and prepares for the next trip.  Strangely, their captain feels the need to skip this job.  Bron is put in charge with his best friend Stovie.  Along with them, 5 other guards are assigned to the caravan that consists of 3 wagons.  About close to halfway through the trip, they are attacked by bandits.  The guards converge to where Bron is sitting driving the lead wagon.  As Bron is picking at them with his arrows, he is fired upon as well.  The arrows fired on him miss and land right in front of him on the wagon.  Stovie is in melee and gets hit hard with an axe and his clavicle is shattered.  Eventually all the bandits are killed except for two that get away vowing revenge.  The damages to the guards were minimal with one dead and Stovie wounded badly.  They make the decision to turn the caravan around and go back to Collingston.   

Why I am doing this.

Well, I started my original adventure post without any type of introduction.  Since everyone else is doing it, so will I.  Basically, I'm caving in to pressure.  So, my reason so starting a campaign is simple.  I had a whole bunch of ideas in my head for some time, and then I started writing them down.  Besides, Mike was doing one and I thought, "if Mike can do it so can I".  I had 1 campaign, I believe, and it was short lived.  I really wasn't prepared, so for my current one, I really wanted to do a good job.  I also wanted to, in my way, give back to the players.  You see, they have been running campaigns and I have had alot of fun with them.  This way, I can show them some fun as well.  My greatest hope in doing this is for my friends (which happen to be some of my best;  but don't worry I'll give a shout out to another best friend, Victor, who is not in the group and is out in Cali.).  It does not matter to me if I mess up, make mistakes, etc., it matters that we all had a good time with it.

Now, since everyone else is rating people, I'm gonna do the same.  Now I am going to be brutually honest with everyone, and if your offended, sucks to be you.  So, here we go:

A.J.:  I met A.J. through Nick.  I joined his group when I was 17.  I also briefly worked with him as well at a retail place.  A.J. is def. a decent person.  But to be honest, when we first started playing, he did get on my nerves.  He was on my case constantly.  I actually think I took a break from roleplaying because of him.  But that was a long time ago.  I think maybe we had a total of one or two arguments.  And we are talking like 15 years of knowing him.  I would also say, within the last year, we have gotten really close.  I would say overall, A.J. is one of my top five best friends.  He's def. unselfish, funny, and great to talk too.  Although if he has been drinking, it's hard to get a word in edgewise.  He dosent like talking over the phone and would rather you come over instead.  His door is always open.  He's really good at the rules and character building.  He knows what he wants to do and does it with his characters.  At times his characters will get slightly quiet about certain things.

John:  John was a member of A.J.'s group.  When we met, he really didn't talk to me much.  Then as we got to know each other we became better friends.  John and I for like 2 years when on an interstate gentlemen's club tour.  It was crazy.  He took me to places I never knew existed.  It was a whole lotta fun.  Although we did have 1 major argument.  Aside from a whole lotta small ones.  Things are fine now.  But I do have to say, at times, John will come down on me harder than anyone else.  Im convinced that its tough love.  But its apparent we are true friends since we always remain friends after each and every fight or argument we have had.  John's likes tough characters who will just bash people apart.  He also seems to be partial to somewhat pyschotic characters (even a small penchant for arsonists).

Mike:  Mike Mike Mike, what can I say.  Another one that was part of A.J.'s group.  Mike and I have a very interesting friendship. We will make fun of each other constantly, we'll get mad at each other constantly, we'll even call each other names.  But we also can count on each other whenever it is needed.  I could call Mike, and talk lengthily about character concepts and creations.  One thing I like to do is laugh when he misses.  He hates that.  But I will also cheer when he hits.  He likes that.  He will praise me when I do some good roleplaying but he will get real p'od when I make fun of his characters.  I like to make fun of Mike…alot, only because he's a great guy and a really good friend.  And I know he can take it.  Cause he will give it right back…even though his aren't usually as good as mine (i.e. Monkey god).  But he will get the best of me sometimes.  He loves to roleplay.  Every action, every word, everything about it.  I commend him for that.  No meta-gaming for him.  He like characters to have some goofy thing about them.  He also like powerful items or magical weapon.  But he does play his characters to the hilt.

Becca:  Becca is A.J.'s wife.  And the latest comer to the group.  She is very smart, caring, and very helpful.  I have always gotten along with her.   I don't think we ever had one disagreement.  I think she has fit in very nicely iin our group.  And its very nice to have a female with her perspective there.  She isn't one to know the all rules (which is fine).  Its funny cause she's married to the one who knows all the rules.  Her characters are very easy going and likable.  She knows what she wants her characters to be and does that.  And she does write the best notes ever.  She also had one of the most caring characters ever (Vande-everyone should know why).

Nick:  Nick is my oldest friend.  We are looking at close to twenty years.  We first started roleplaying together.  We learned together.  We have always shared simliar interests (with exception to Anime).  Since we have known each other for so long, we can always be brutually honest with each other.  And like any really long term friendship, we have had our ups and downs.  Good times and bad.  I've seen him at his worst times and his best.  I've always been there for him and he's always been there for me.  We've done a road trip (Boston-totally rocked and recorded "Parmagiannaaaaaa".)  At times it feels like he snubs me at times, but I prob do the same.  He is a friend for life.  Regardless if we fight or dont.  It's almost like he's a brother to me.  He loves to roleplay too.  And he will roleplay to the tee.  Although I have caught him meta-gaming once or twice but its ok, who dosent?  Just about all times, like Mike, he goes all out.  I def. respect him for that.

Giorgo:  Of everyone, I probably know Giorgo the best.  And even I dont know everything about him.  Hee hee.  Giorgo is def. one of my best friends.  He is such a great guy.  Although he dosent always laugh at my jokes, he will laugh at some of my antics.  His family is great, like a second family to me.  Although I could go without his Dad hitting me (haha).  Giorgo takes everything in stride.  And if I ever get the better of him, he'll just hit me or come back with a very viscious remark.  He's a quiet player, but he'll always have something to say when you least expect it.  His characters have a specified path he follows.  And he won't just do something to help you out.  As long as you give him a reason, he'll have his character do what you want.

I'll even rate myself while being honest:

Chris:  Im the best looking, funniest, and most creative one there is with the group.  Haha j/k.  I like to do what I want.  I can be a pain in a$$ sometimes, but overall I'm a pretty good guy.  I don't take kindly of being told what to do.  In fact, I'll even do the opposite.  I also don't like being singled out.  For example, if everyone is doing the same thing, but i'm the one who gets yelled at or punished….I dislike that.  If I'm doing something wrong, then correct me.  If everyone is doing the same thing wrong, then correct everyone, not just me.  One thing I will pride myself is, no matter what, I will always be there for my friends with the best of my ability.  No matter if we are fighting or not.  I will always be willing to listen and help.  Now, for my characters, I'm more interested in an interesting build or concept.  Sometimes they don't come out the way I wanted them too but I always try.  It dosen't matter if I'm the most powerful, as long as I'm doing what I want to be able to do.  One thing is bad is, if something happens to my character that I don't like, I may lose interest in them.  And that is something I'm trying to fix.

Well that's my take on everyone.  Bottom line is that they are some of my best friends and I love them all dearly.


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