Character Creation Guidelines


Character Creation:

  •   For ability scores:
  •  Roll 4d6 drop the lowest.
  • Do this seven times and drop the lowest
  •  You may do this twice and take the best set. 
  • Don't even think about mixing and matching.
  • If at the end of both set of rolls and your scores are really bad, come talk to me and I will make a judgment.
  • All rolls must be made in front of me and one other person as a witness.  If you all want, we can make a char. Day before I start… which could be fun and we can then hash out questions and stuff.


  • All standard races in the book are eligible. 
  • I prefer no goofy stuff, but if you have an idea then run it by me and I will make a judgment.
  • I will not count the favored class rule with races.


  • All standard, new, and prestige classes are available.
  • They must be in one of the books.
  • Again if you have an idea of some sort run it by me and I will make a judgment.
  • Whatever you plan is for your char., tell me.  I will do my best to accomplish that.  And if any class you are interested in and I am not familiar with it, clue me in so I am aware.

Feats and skills:

  • All feats and skills (new and old) are available if they in the books.
  • If you take a feat and I am not familiar, give me a heads up please.
  • Every char. Will be allowed one bonus regional feat from the regional feat list.  This is a gift from me to you.  Just run which one you want by me first so in case it does not fit with the region.  J


  • Religion I my world are identical to the gods in the handbook.
  • I chose to do this because they have the best breakdown for the gods and what they stand for.
  • To be perfectly honest… I had a lot of problems trying to come up with my own list  L


  • Whether arcane or divine, it all works the same way as usual.


  • If you die, then you will die.
  • You may be raised by only a cleric or temple of your faith.  (Kinda like A.J.'s).

Player responsibility:

  • You must have fun… haha.
  • If for any reason I am doing something wrong, tell me so I know.
  • If you feel as though I am being unfair to you, tell me so I can fix it.
  • All players must make attack and damage rolls in front of me or in plain sight.
  • All players when leveled must roll hit points in front of me.  Rolling 1 is a redo (am I not the nicest?).
  • Please if you know something out of character, do not act on it in game.
  • If you feel bored tell me please.
  • Finally I am open to suggestions and anything that you want to do, so we can always pow wow it anytime.

(DM Note:  This will also serve as the errata.  Note the changes in names.  Mostly Sharnath into Garnath.)


Character Creation Guidelines

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