The Kingdom of Silverton


The Kingdom of Silverton


            The Kingdom of Silverton is the main force against the minions of the Dark Lords.  They are the forefront of a war that has been raging for over 400 years.  The current kingdom is the combination of the six major Races.  These Races, at the start of the war, decided to merge their nation and area into one to help better their defense against the raging evil.  Doing so, the current government is controlled by the Council of Six.  This council has one representative of each of the Races with equal say with the kingdom.

            The Kingdom of Silverton has a wide array of Races and cultures.  It is very commonplace for the members of each of the Races to be seen together as if there was no difference.  It is with this racial diversity and acceptance that the Dark Lords have yet to conquer this nation. 


Castle Silverton

Silverton City

City of Mathod

Mountain Empire of Cardoshan

The Great Forest City of Ebon-Nether Wood

The Gnomish City of Lathanfens

Halfling Settlement of Arborndale

The Great Wall of Silverton

Blackrose Keep

The Baronies of Silverton

Faxmornt Tower

The 12 Hamlets Villages and Settlements of Silverton

City of Collingston

The Kingdom of Silverton

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