Rise Of The Dark One

Week 12: The Crazy Old Coot, Faxmornt

Well when we last left our intrepid heroes, they were all visited by a pixie. Quite rudely in middle of the night. Each of them all had the same message. It was in the same vain as, “Master wants to see you. He will pay”. In the morning, Mercy was first to awaken, followed by Bron. By the time Bron came down for breakfast, Mercy was just starting to eat. Bron pulls up a chair backwards and tries to engage in small talk. Mercy, being uninterested, just continued to eat and answered only when she had too. A few minutes later, Keenan arrives. He also sits at the table. Bron receives his food as Keenan began to order. Mercy, already finished was about to depart and head towards Faxmornt Tower. Bron then convinces her that she should wait. Kennan and Bron were also visited by the pixie. They all decide that they were going to go together. As the threesome was about to finish their breakfast, Connell and Darius make their way to the taproom. Connell feeling a bit of a hangover was excited to go to Faxmornt Tower. You never know how much pie he could have. Darius was not that interested in going, but Connell convinced him that he should. Bron, Mercy and Keenan overheard Connell and Darius talking about the visit, so they all decided to go together to Faxmornt’s tower. When they all finished eating, they purchased horses and headed for the tower that about a day’s ride out.

As they were approaching the tower, they saw it looming in the distance. Over 400 feet tall and 75 feet in diameter, it was no doubt that this tower was magically constructed. As the group got closer, the tower was in disrepair. There were cracks in the walls and pieces had crumbled away. The tower was black as night with a mighty oaken door in the middle. Mercy knocked loudly on the door and the group waited. A tiny sliding door opened, and they saw the pixie’s face looking out at them. The pixie let them in. The group looked around and they were in a large, bare foyer. the pixie told them to close their eyes. Half the group did it while the other half were somewhat suspicious of the weird request. They eventually did it, but not before Bron took out his bow and had an arrow at the ready. They all felt a strong wind come from below and they felt as though they were lifted up. After about 5 seconds they were told to open their eyes. They were now in a laboratory. With magical devices and science equipment scattered about. Connell immediately started to explore and touch everything. Even going to the length of placing things in his pockets. He wasn’t trying to steal them but rather he was so enamored by everything, the small jars and vials made their way into his clothing. A magical doorway then started to appear. First and outline, then the door itself. A very old and decrepit man wheeled himself out on a chair. His knuckles were twisted and he only had patches of gray hair strewn about his head. This was Faxmornt.

Week 11: Surprise Bandits...Now Where's Kralle?

(DM Note: Doing these posts from memory. Let me know if I make a mistake.)

The group sneaks into the bandit camp and start hacking and skewering all the bandits. The bandits not prepared for the attack, rally the troops. The bandits come running from all their spots and side camps. Some of the bandits took up a defensive position, hiding behind carts and crates. Waiting for their chance to ambush the invaders. The group sensing and noticing these bandits in their hiding spots, stopped and regrouped attempting to lure them out. Mercy then took up one of the recently decapitated bandit’s head and threw it in the midst of the hiding bandits. The bandits seeing this display of brutality left their spots and attempted to take on the group head on. Bron started to pin-cushion their charge, while the rest of the group set themselves to meet their desperate charge. The bandits are no match from the onslaught from the group. As the group marches their way through the camp, noticing how big and expansive this bandit camp is, find all sorts of chests, barrels, and loot from months or even years of ambushing poor travelers. They finally reach the side camp of Kralle. He is there with 3 other bandits and another dark mysterious person. The group knowing that this other one is dressed far too nice and menacing to be a simple bandit.(Storyline nudge) The battle ensues. The 3 other bandits try to put up a fight but are quickly beat down. Kralle and his weird friend try their hardest to beat back the adventurers. The dark stranger lets loose his fighting prowess coupled with magic. Eventually, Kralle and his friend are killed. The group then loots Kralle’s sidecamp. Keenan chops off Kralle’s head and takes the strange skull belt buckle from the other person. After the group clears out the rest of the camp. They head back to Sherndale.

Imsh, while following the groups wave of attack in complete silence and out of sight, watches these people kill all the bandits and their leader. He also watches them take all the loot from the camp including his possessions. Maintaining his secrecy he waits till the group leaves and then after a quick once over for any supplies, he and his new dog leave the bandit camp.

While the group reports back to Governor Vinehall, they display the head of Kralle and the skull belt buckle. Vinehall looks somewhat concerned and thanks the group. He then pays them and takes the belt buckle while saying he must report to the King. He rushes off. The group now thinks that since their jobs have come to a close, they disband for now and go off on their merry way. Being exhausted from the day’s fighting, they all decide to rest up in different inns and taverns through Sherndale. While sleeping, they each get a visitor that woke up each one. It was a tiny Fairy with he same statement, “Psssst wakeup…Master wants to speak with you. Master is Faxmornt”. The fairy gets mixed reactions. Some like Mercy, always looking for a quick buck, is eager to go. Although getting a good night’s sleep was equally important. And some like Darius, who gets annoyed when he is woken up, tells him he’ll go later. When the fairy leaves, the group in their respective beds’ sleep the night away…

Week 10: While On The Way To The Bandit Camp....

(DM Note: Doing these posts from memory. Let me know if I make a mistake.)

As The group travels the long road towards the bandit activity, they enter an area that is quite rocky with a heavily forested area on both sides. As they are traveling cautiously (Knowing that this would be prime bandit country), they see two men up the road. One of the men is laying and moaning from wounds and the other leaning over trying to help him. As they see the wagons with the travelers the one calls out for help. The group thinking that is a possible setup and stop, eying both the two up ahead and around them in the woodsy surroundings. Mercy then steps up and throws her javelin at the two. The other group members look to her (half thinking is she “nuts” and the other half thinking “good move”) in shock. The javelin narrowly misses the two and sticks in the ground about 2 feet from them. She then calls out, “That was a warning shot”. The two immediately jump to their feet and run off the road toward the woods on opposite sides. (A funny scene when the two jump and run off almost immediately, since the players knew this was an obvious trap). Bandits then came from all sides in the ambush. The group took to arms. Bron jumping off his wagon, started to let loose his arrows. The rest of the group went into melee. During the attack, one of the bandits jumped onto the one wagon and took off with the goods. Connell used his magic to halt the bandit driving the wagon away. The fight ended with all the bandits dead, except for one who was captured. The surviving bandit, under duress of being killed by Mercy, revealed where the bandit camp was and how to enter the hideout. Seeing the brutish way of dealing with the bandit, Darius urged Mercy to leave and let him deal with the bandit. Mercy then sensing the tension decided to concede to the demand and let Darius deal with the captured bandit. The group then decided to tie up the blabbermouth and proceed to the camp on foot. They went up the road for a little bit more and saw where where the bandit told them where the entrance was. It was a rocky wall that was located at the end of the road and embeded into the forest. The group enters the hideout the way the bandit told them, pulling on a certain tree branch. With the element of surprise, the group started to battle through the encampment.

As Imsh figured a way out of the bandit camp with the scraggily dog in tow, he sees another group coming up the road towards the camp. Imsh, thinking that these were more bandits, hides behind the trees off the road. Seeing the dead bandits down the road slightly, he decides that these new people aren’t bandits and decides to follow them back into the bandit camp. Keeping safe through distance and under cover from the woody area.

Week 9: That Damn Dagger, That Damn Weaponsmith And That Damn Second Job

(DM Note: Doing these posts from memory. Let me know if I make a mistake.)

While the group goes on their way for some r&r, Bron quickly returns to Vinehall Manor to find the wizard. The wizard was still in the main room when Bron finds him. Bron then asks to speak to the wizard in private. As they go to the wizards chambers, Bron unsheathes the dagger and the wizard was shocked. He quickly searches through the items that were given to him by the adventurers and sees that the dagger was missing. After deliberation about what had happen, the wizard takes the dagger from Bron and tells him to leave the room. As Bron closes the door, he looks down and sees that the dagger is once again at his side. He then walks back into the wizards chamber and displays the dagger for the wizard to see. The wizard remarks that the dagger was at his side one moment and gone the next. With curious concern, the wizard then takes the dagger and tries a direct identifying spell upon it. With some major magic backlash, the wizard yelps in pain and frustration. Bron quickly goes to the aid of the wizard. The wizard relates that the dagger must some sort of powerful artifact from ages past. Far too powerful for the wizard to decipher. He advises Bron to either council a more powerful wizard or family member (Only after Bron relates that the dagger was in his family’s possession for generations). Bron thanks the wizard for his time and they wish each other well.

After some more time off. Connell and Bron meet up to bring the mundane weapons to the local Weaponsmith. As they drop their load upon the counter, Connell starts to embelish their recent jaunt in adventuring and over exaggerate the value of the weapons. The weaponsmith, knowing that the weapons were a bit on the poorly made side dosen’t go for the asking price of Connell. The two after some debate settle on a wager. The wager being the next customers coming in to view the weapons and buying them for a much higher price then their worth. If this being true, then the weaponsmith would buy the lot at Connell’s asking price. After some time passed and Connell verbally advertising the “fancy relic weapons” outside the shop, a crowd stars forming. Connell then secretly weaves his magic into convincing some members of the crowd to pay top dollar for the weapons. The weaponsmith then agrees to pay the asking price for the weapons, unknowing of the ploy set by Connell.

Mercy decides to go and take a long hot bath. She also buys a bottle of her favorite spirits to enjoy. During her relaxation period, she is very disappointed to learn that there is no “boytoy” for her to play with. Through this frustration she still manages to “take it easy”.

The next morning the group reconvenes in Vinehall manor. The governor meets with them and explains the nature of their next job. A group of bandits have been raiding the trade route coming from Sherndale. The governor wants them to put an end of the bandits activities. The group then agrees to the terms. After a little planning, Keenan acquires a wagon. They then fill the wagon with wine castes filled with water and off they go down the trade route.

As Imsh lay in his cell, a hushed hiss reaches his ears. Slightly startled, Imsh jumps up in a crouch and stares at the one who made the noise. It was one of the bandits, he explains that he does not think its right for the bandits to keep him prisoner and treat him like a filthy animal. Imsh just continues to stare, unknowing if this is some sort of trap or trick played by the young bandit. After some more explanation, he unlocks Imsh’s cage and runs off. Imsh, while still being suspicious, slides out the cage and disappears into the night within the bandit camp.

Week 8: Kaross Tomb (Level 2; Part 2)

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


As the group ventured deeper in the crypt, fighting with skeletons and the red tinged skeletons continued.  The adventures made their way through the winding corridors of the crypt.  Finally they found two great oaken doors.  The adventuring group readied themselves for a devastating battle, for which they assumed whatever was causing the rise of these skeletons originates through these doors.  After some quick preparation, they flew open the doors to meet their next challenge. 

In the room they observed several skeletons that were hovering around a red, glowing sphere.  They also witnessed in the far corner of the room a black void.  And from this void another skeleton crossed over into this world.  The group went into action.  They decided that the red sphere must be destroyed for it was responsible in summoning the skeletons. 

Mercy, Keenan, and Darius attempted to charge the sphere while also destroying skeletons that happened to get in the way.  Bron started to shoot the sphere with his bow, but to no avail.  Connell guarded Lupol in case he was injured in the battle.  Bron resulted in going to his shortword when he realized his arrows were having barely any effect.  Bron also tried to use his family's dagger to hack at the sphere but it had no effect.  The group continued to hack at the skeletons and sphere.  Then after several blows the sphere shattered and leaving only one piece of red shard.  Before their eyes the black void collapsed in upon itself and any skeletons left crumpled in a heap.

Keenan picked up the red shard and Lupol asked to see it.  Connell immediately argued that part of the deal was they could keep treasure that they ran across.  Lupol then explained that this red shard was important to study to understand better why this situation occured (Plus it was evidence that the job was done).  Keenan then decided the right thing to do was to give the red shard to Lupol so he could take it directly to Brace Vinehall.

The group decided to leave immediately to report back to the Govenor.  They made their way back through the crypt and back to Sherndale.  They met with Brace and retold the adventure that they had just had.  Mercy was very direct and wanted her payment right away.  Govenor Vinehall obliged and thanked the group for their hard work.  He paid each one their duly amount and also offered to have one of his wizards to identify any items that they wanted.  Bron also requested that his family's dagger be identified as well.  The wizard agreed and took all the items and stated that everything should be identified by the next morning.  The red shard was presented to the Govenor and he directly placed his attention to it with his council.

As the group were going to go their separate ways, Govenor Vinehall offered them another job.  The group decided they would hear this job when they came back for their items.  As the group dispersed, Bron noticed that his family's dagger was back where it was in its sheath.  He showed Connell in amazement.  He then had Connell promise to keep it quiet and then rushed back to see the wizard.


Imsh laid in his cage all morning.  He did notice that the bandits kept a pack of dogs for their protection.  But one dog, which seemed very ragged and small was being beaten around by the bandits.  No doubt the dog wasn't fit for the bandits use.  After some time passed Imsh observed the runt dog staring at him.  As if the dog took a liking to him.  Imsh stared back, as if he was somehow silently communicating with the animal.

Then some bandits came over to where Imsh was. The dog went and hid, afraid of being hurt again.  The bandits then proceeded to taunt Imsh once again.  Heckling, spitting, and even trying to hit the half-orc.  Imsh just stared at the bandits.  Too proud to show any type of weakness or pain.  Eventually the bandits got bored and went back to their daily work.  And as quick as the bandits stopped their abusive treatment and left the makeshift cell area, Imsh noticed that the dog was back and again staring at him.  

Week 7: Kaross Tomb (Level 2; Part 1): Enter Imsh

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


As the party decends into the lower level of the crypt, they are met with more skeletons.  But these skeletons were slightly different from the previous ones.  These walking undead had a red tinge to their bones and were much more heavily armored.  Consequently, these skeletons were much more harder to destroy.  The first couple batches that they had to destroy gave them a run for their money.  The group especially Mercy and Keenan took heavy damage from them.  Since they were the front line, they took the brunt of their attacks. 

The adventurers were making their way room to room and Connell was disarming traps when another attack took place.  During the attack, Mercy noticed that Bron has been staying out of most of the fights.  Mercy getting frustrated by this started to argue with Bron.  During the climax of the argument, Mercy stated to Bron, "Your a coward".  Bron, being extremely sensitive, took issue with that statement and then proceeded to shoot Mercy with an arrow.  This enraged Mercy (as with anyone) and took to arms.  She unsheathed her glaive and counterattacked.  Bron took a hit and then backed up and fired again.  Mercy pursued and kept fighting back.  After a moment or two of fighting, Bron decided to try to talk his way out of the situation.  Mercy ceased her offensive and listened to what Bron had to say.  Mercy successfully intimidated Bron and made sure that he knew that if he tried something like that again he would be killed.

During this small inter-party riff, Keenan had the attiude of either kill him and move on and/or stop fighting and move on.  Darius and Connell looked at each other with concern, wondering what they got themselves into with this party.  Lupol, the silent priest medic, thought that he won't have enough healing if the party members keep fighting each other.  After the fight was resolved, the adventures moved on and continued their trek through the crypt.


The wagon's wheels creaked for the lack of oil.  Laughter is heard from the bandit's as they made their way into their secret hideout.  They know they found a grand prize while out securing yet another merchant's goods.  Part singing and part joking, they parked the wagon in the primary meeting area.  One of the bandit's ran to get their leader, Kralle.  The others started to unload a medium sized chest filled with gems and trinkets that they had forceably took from a small merchant caravan.  A couple of other bandits came over to view the contents of the cart without the chest.  A large form was bound, gagged, and covered with a burlap covering.

Kralle arrived moments later in anticipation to see what the runner was babbling about.  He scanned the cart, looked around at the newly arrived bandits and said, "So what is it?"

One of the bandits, named Jenren, took the cover and whipped it off as a carnival magician would performing a trick.  "Voila", said Jenren.

Kralle stared for moment at the helpless, unconscious creature and responded, "What need do I have for this thing?  From the look of him, he dosen't seem like he's worth alot.  I mean, he dosen't seem as though he's from a rich family wearing scraps like that".

Jenren put his head down in disgust.  He was so excited to show his leader this half-orc, but now seeing his reaction, there would be no promotion for him.  "But I thought you'd be happy that we have him.  I thought you care to have…a slave of sorts".

Kralle shook his head a bit and responded, "Well I could care less.  If you guys want him to mess with, then keep him.  Just make sure he stays away from my gold".

A couple of bandit's nodded in agreement and Elasho said quickly, "Thanks boss, he'd be good for target practice".  He started to snicker when saying that.

"Whatever, don't interupt me again for something this stupid.  Now let me go back to my meeting.  And make sure he don't get away or it'll be your hides", and with saying that, Kralle stormed off back to his private section of the hideout.

A couple of bandits smiled again and then they brought the half-orc to another cart with a makeshift cage on top.  "Welcome to your new home slave", said Devon.  The bandit who was responsible in knocking out the half-orc.  Not caring that he could not hear him.

The next morning Imsh, the half-orc, awoke in a panic.  Not knowing where he was or how he got here.  he looked around and saw a couple of people laying around and a firepit that was just smoldering a bit.  He moved fast and got to the bars of his cage and yanked.  The bars held firmly.  He sat down finally realizing how much his head hurt.  With his hands still bound, he tried to rub the pain away from his temple.  he could feel a nice sized gash there and it had already scabbed up.  He ran his fingers over to estimate the size of the wound.  Then he put his hands down and closed his eyes thinking, "I've got to get out of here".

With Imsh in quiet pondering, Devon walked up to the cage.  Imsh with his attuned hearing heard someone was coming and readied himself for a possible escape if given the chance.  A loud pound rang into his pointed ears to the point that his head felt like it was going to explode.  Imsh grinded his teeth, he would not let out a howl of pain.  "Wake up beast", screamed Devon.

Imsh opened his eyes and stared at his captor.  He snarled just a bit.  He saw a bandit standing there with a metal pole.  No doubt that is what he used that made his brain hurt.  Imsh just continued to stare at the man.

"What, not going to talk animal?", queried Devon.  "Well let me tell you how much your fucked beast.  You see, your in my home now and you can't get out.  Try to steal from us when we're sleeping.  Now your going to be our toy slave."

Imsh continued to stare with hatred.  He envisioned rending this man from throat to groin.  Then as quickly as he saw it coming, the metal pole shot into the cage and hit Imsh squarely in the head.  Knowing that he more than likely could have avoided a blow like that, but as of now, he was not reacting like he normally would considering the wounds he already has suffered.  Imsh then fell backwards a bit and then he felt some spittle hit him in his face.  He reopened his eyes and reset himself.  He continued to stare at his provoker.  Refusing to let out an ounce of pain or speech.

"Filthy beast", Devon said with pride as he held the metal pole at his side.  "Oh we are going to have fun with you".  With that he chuckled and walked back to the smoldering firepit with his compatriots who all started to stir.

Imsh just continued to stare.  Then when he observed Devon sitting down, Imsh grinned just a bit showing the tips of his fangs.

Week 6: Kaross Tomb (Level 1; Part 2)

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory.  Let me know if I make a mistake.) 


As the group continued in their quest through the dimly lit labyrinth, they encountered more rooms with random battles with skeletons.  Their progress being slightly impeded with the presence of traps in the rooms, they did move methodically through the tomb.  Through their small battles with the undead wretches, they did take their bumps and bruises.  Lupol healing them as needed and Connell being instrumental and mostly successful in disabling the traps.  In the battles, Mercy proved to be the most successful.  Being extremely brutal and fatal to her opposers.

One notable room was a rather large room with 2 rows of 4 statues each.  They also found 3 dead bodies in the room with some gear.  Most likely, the bodies were the remains of a previous excursion into the crypt.  Each of the statues depicted 2 different persons; a man and  child in various poses.  Each of the statues had a small placard with small sayings.  The sayings were as followed:

Statue A:  Child listening as through a door:  "Hear My Pain".

Statue B:  Man looking down with a smile:  "Listen To Murder".

Statue C:  Child holding his nose:  "Smell The Rot".

Statue D:  Man reaching up into the sky:  "Scent Of Death".

Statue E:  Child crying while sitting:  "Push My Form".

Statue F:  Man with leg up as about to kick something or someone:  "Feel My Words".

Statue G:  Child staring as if staring at death itself:  "See My Torture".

Statue H:  Man standing proudly with hands on hips:  "Vision Of My Father".

As the inspection of the statues commenced, Keenan read each of the placards aloud and in order.  This resulted in Keenan going into a trance-like state.  The other members quickly turned their attention to Keenan who is standing there and looking a nothing.  

Keenan had a vision in which he witnessed a father taking his child into the crypt.  The father beat, tortured, and practically mutiliated the child.  Eventually killing him and burying him in the crypt.  The ghostly apparition then looked at Keenan and put up the "hush" signal and disappeared.  Then he saw the boy rise from the grave and silently pleaded with Keenan to help.

As quickly as Keenan went into the trance-like state he was out of it.  He told the others what he saw.  Shaken off the results of the ordeal the group continued to inspect the statues.  Bron then touched the placard of statue F and the placard moved into the statue itself.  The he went to statue E and pushed on the statue.  This statue moved and found a small place with a chest.  They then opened the chest to find a large amount of loot.  

The group then moved on room to room.  Finally reaching stairs leading downward.  As they readied themselves, they started to descend to the next level.      

Week 5: Kaross Tomb (Level 1; Part 1)

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.) 


As the newly formed group enter the crypt, they encountered several rooms.  Each of the rooms were either empty, had a couple of skeletons, and/or some chests.  The whole crypt had an eerie dim light and the actual source was unknown.  There were also some small traps spread throughout the tomb.  Some of the traps were just in the rooms and some of the traps were on the chests.

Mercy did a large amount of damage to these skeletons.  She primarily used a heavy mace in dealing with the skeletons.  Savagely destroying them.

Keenan also chopped through the skeletons with a variety of weapons at his disposal.  Mostly using a heavy mace as well, he bashed the skeletons to bits in keeping up with Mercy.

Bron started to use his bow on the skeletons.  he quickly realized that his arrows were barely hurting the skeletons.  So he smartly put away the bow and unsheathed his short sword.  Again, not really damaging the skeletons, he then decided to hang behind the party and hope he was not needed.

Darius used his fists in dealing with the skeletons.  Knowing that his rapier would barely hurt them, he wisely chose to go in unarmed.  He proved to be very competent in destroying the skeletons.

Connell, not being versed in melee fighting, chose to hang back and away from the fighting.  He would rather use his wits and magic against foes, and since these mindless creatures were…well….mindless he wisely stayed away from the actual fighting.  He also concentrated on disposing of traps throughout the tomb.

The group headed by Mercy and Keenan while be being backed up with Darius, swiftly went from room to room.  Encountering random skeletons in rooms and hallways.  A notable exchange was between Darius and Mercy.  In which Mercy shoved by Darius to destroy a skeleton.  In which case, Mercy told Darius to essentially "pick it up or get out of the way".  Darius, who was dealing with the skeletons his own way disliked that but the group contined on throughout the crypt.

Week 4: Welcome To Sherndale

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


After Mercy and Keenan find out where the Vinehall manor is, they double time it over there.  Mercy showing a large amount of enthusiasm in acquiring work and quite possibly dumping off Keenan.  As they stroll through the small streets of Sherndale, they come across a large ornately designed building with a sign stating "Vinehall Manor".  They approach the guards and Mercy demands to see the govenor.  The guards lead the two to a larger room with 3 more guards and 3 other people.  One in particular looks to be in charge.  They introduce themselves to Brace and Brace does likewise.  It seems as though Brace was already explaining what the job was to the other two people.


Darius and Connell finally make it to Sherndale.  As they enter the small town they decide to stop off at a local tavern to get a quick drink and too find out directions where they can find Govenor Vinehall.  They stop off at the tavern a sit a table and order a couple of drinks to satisfy their thirst.  Darius walks up to the bar and asks the barkeep where they can find Vinehall Manor.  He gets the directions and heads back to the table where he left Connell.  From the time that Draius left and when he returned, Connell has already started a small gambling game using his sleight-of-hand skills.  He has already acquired 5 gold form the game.  darius sighs and tells Connell that they have to go.  Reluctantly, Connell agrees and packs up his winnings.  (Connell knowing that if he had some more time he would be able to earn a small fortune from these Sherndale commoners).  They then go out and find Vinehall Manor.  Two guards then escort them to see the Govenor.  After a small and informal introduction, Brace Vinehall starts to explain what the job is for.  And as Connell has finished haggling over the paying price, two other rough looking people are brought into the chamber by the guards.  Quick introductions are made and Darius and Connell head out of the chamber to find a room until the next morning when they will start their adventure.


Bron, travelling quickly and mostly at night, finally makes it to Sherndale.  As he enters the town, he has an overwhelming feeling of sadness as he thinks about Stovie and his current predicament.  He then blocks it out and concentrates on his current endeavor.  "To find Govenor Brace Vinehall for a job to make some cash."  he amkes his way through the twon asking for directions on where he can find the Govenor.  He finally comes across his manor and asks the guard that he is here for the hiring.  He is then led through the manor to the main chamber where Brace is finishing up talks with a man and a woman.  Both looking very rough and seedy.  The two go on their way and Bron then introduces himself to the Govenor and is then explained what the job is for.  He is also told that there will be four others to accompany him and they will meet at the manor in the morning.  Bron agrees to the terms and looks for a room for the night.


"The Job": "Skeletons have been randomly emerging, believed from the tomb, and haphazardly attacking the local Sherndale outlying farms.  The skeletons have been attacking the farmers and even their livestock.  The adventureres have been hired to either eradicate the skeletons or to find their source and then report back to Govenor Vinehall".


The next morning all five of the adventurers that were hired:  Mercy, Keenan, Connell, Darius, and Bron meet up in fron of Vinehall Manor.  They are also greated with Brace another man.  His name is Lupol.  And he is one of the priests for Brace.  He is going to accompany the group as a witness to the job at hand as well as medic in case the group gets in some serious danger.  Introductions were all met and off they went to the tomb.  As they approached the tomb they do see 2 skeletons milling about and walking aimlessly.  The group quickly destroys the skeletons.  Mercy doing most of the rekilling of the undead pests.  As they approach the front doorway of the tomb they notice the name on it on top of the doorway.  The name of the tomb was "Kaross Tomb".  Then the group readies themselves and enter the dimly lit dungeon…

Week 3: Trying To Get There

(DM note:  Doing these posts from memory and notes.  Let me know if I make a mistake.)


Mercy then leaves Cael (all the while reveling in its demise with its occupants) and after about a day of travel reaches the Crossroads.  Being such a busy intersection between Silverton and The Dark Lands, there a loads of travelers moving back and forth.  She then sees some guards there.  She asks for directions and then the guards start to harass her with going to Silverton.  Being fed up, she calmly tells them where she is going.  She also notices the man (Keenan) from the jail walking in her direction.  Shrugging, she continues on and reaches the Blackrose Keep.  Deciding that the Keep would probably have guards in it, she continues on down the road towards the docks.  She manages to pay for her travel in the small fishing vessel that was heading towards Silverton.  She also finds out that the ship will be passing Sherndale.


Keenan, who is following Mercy, also buys travel on the fishing boat.  He also follows mercy, before they leave, to the local pub.  It is there when Mercy finally confronts Keenan and questions him why he is following her.  Keenan then tells her that she is going to lead him to "Serasina" and he is going to kill her.  (DM note:  This is something John should not have said and he will have some serious problems because of it…Muhahahahaha).   Mercy really has no problem with this and tells him to not get in her way. They then board the ship together and sail off to Sherndale.  They reach Sherndale and then Mercy and her "shadow" as she calls him, ask a local peasent where to find the one in charge.  This very comical exchange ended with Mercy being very frustrated at the peasent.  In the end she finds out that she needs to see Govenor Brace Vinehall is the man who is hiring people for some local problems.  They get their directions and head to his manor. 


After a few minutes of silence, Bron who is slightly worried about his friend, opens the door to Lingston's office.  Scanning the room, he does not see Lingston but sees Stovie on the floor bleeding.  Bron quickly comes to his aid and notices a dagger sticking out of Stovie's chest.  Bron quickly tries to move him to the healer and Stovie grabs his hand and mutters, "Lingston".  With Stovie being unconscious and Bron not being the strongest person the world decides to now drag Stoive to the healer.  As he is getting closer to the door, four blue cloaked armored guards burst in.  Bron quickly pleads for their help.  The guards ignore his pleas and asks for him to turn around.  Bron hears one of the guards say, "He fits the description", and they repeat the order.  Bron then unwisely threatens the guards and they all brandish their weapons and repeat the order again.  Bron finally concedes after trying to recommend a healer.  The guards carry out Stovie and arrest Bron.

After sitting in jail for a few hours, two guards and Lingston enter his cell area.  Bron sits up and Lingston confirms that Bron is the one that stabbed Stovie.  This enraged Bron and he starts to argue and threaten Lingston in front of the guards.  The guards try to calm Bron and Lingston also comments how angry Bron is.  Bron then makes a special promise to Lingston.  Linsgton just smiles and leaves.  As he is walking out he turns and says in an evil way, "Gonna be a cold night", then he leaves.  Bron lays back down and tries to fall asleep.  After a few hours he hears someone calling his name.  As Bron looks up he sees and old friend turned guard named Lukas.  Bron being relived that his friend is there is trying to explain what happened.  Lukas easily knows that Bron did not do this and tells him that Lingston and the Captain of the guard are working together.  Lukas tells Bron that he has a friend in Sherndale that could help him get back on his feet and its far away enough until things calm down.  He also assures him that he will look over Stovie for him.  Lukas then releases him and Bron slips out into the night towards Sherndale.  (DM note:  The whole conversation between these two is not fully complete.  It will be done between me and mike at a future date.)


Darius Feroz, while doing his daily workout at his monastery, is approached by his teacher Brother Hepthus.  He takes Darius aside and starts to tell him that he has to make his way in the world.  Darius understands this and agrees with his teacher.  Hepthus then brings out this medallion, hands praying with 2 swords crossed like an x, and says that he must never show this medallion to anyone.  And one day he will learn about it.  Darius questioons about it but Hepthus just reiterates that he will learn it on his own.  After a few more moments of saying their goodbyes, Darius gathers his belongings and his teacher give him a hug and whispers in his ear, "Protect the medallion".  As Darius is about to leave, he notices true sadness in the eyes of his teacher.  He then turns and starts to go back to his hometown.  He is also excited in seeing his best friend Connell Shaughnessy back home.


Connell Shaughnessy lounges out by the lake under a tree daydreaming of any current conquests that he will be partaking in.  Recently he was kicked out of his grandmother's house.  He was given some gold and sent on his way.  After buying some gear he goes through some things he should be doing with his life.  He is approached by Froedrich from town, who happens to be a bully and one that isn't the shapest knife in the drawer.  He confronts Connell about him eaving and decides to try to rob him of his money.  Connell starts to explain that he has no money but he has no time for it.  In a silent panic Connell is surveying possible plans to get himself out of this mess.  Then cleverly, Connell is able to cast a sleep spell on Froedrich and succeeded.  Connell then wisely heads back to town before he wakes up.  As he gets to town he notices someone quite familar walking down the road into the town.  Its his long time friend Darius Feroz.

As quickly as Connell saw Darius he is upon him with great excitement.  It had been several years since the two have seen each other.  After a few minutes of Connell jumping around and Darius calmly sayig hi, they both head back to their folks homes.  Darius spends some time with his family as does Connell with Darius' family as well.  After a short stay of a day or two, Darius tells Connell that he wants to travel a bit and see some of the world. Connell agrees and is quite willing to go with Darius, since living in a small town has achieved high boring status.  Darius, while talking to one of his cousins, find sout that the Govenor of Sherndale is looking to hire some men to eradicate some local problems.  With this information the two decide to head there by the end of the week.  Now they would get to see some of the world have a little adventure as well. 

As they travel towards Sherndale they are confronted by a couple of bandits.  After refusing to pay the toll, a small fight ensues.  (DM note:  I actually made the bandits too strong for two first level characters.  So I did wind up altering the fight and opponents.  My apologies to Connell since he was killed in this unfair match).  As the fight was progressing, Connell was knocked unconscious but Darius was able to fend off the Bandits.  After caring and healing Connell, they both continue and finally reach the outskirts of Sherndale. 


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