• Bronwyn (Bron) Highmoor

    Bronwyn (Bron) Highmoor

    A smartass swamp elf, that is a helluva shot.
  • Connell Shaughnessy

    Connell Shaughnessy

    A charming farmboy pretending to be an urbane sophisticate, a deceptive innocent
  • Darius Feroz

    Darius Feroz

    Lean and rangy, with curly hair, he wears the black of the Ebon Brotherhood with pride and dedication
  • Highmoor


    Sister of Bron Highmoor
  • Imsh


    Think of Wolverine before he was captured and made civilized.
  • Sanura Khepri

    Sanura Khepri

    Good listening emissary of a long winded brass dragon