Connell Shaughnessy

A charming farmboy pretending to be an urbane sophisticate, a deceptive innocent


CLASS: Beguiler

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Height: 6 feet Weight: 180 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Black

STR 11 DEX 14 CON 13 INT 16 WIS 11 CHA 16


ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good HP 19 AC 16 INIT +2 BAB 1

FEATS: Cosmopolitan; Combat Expertise; Improved Feint; Spell Focus (ENCH)

CLASS FEATURES: Cloaked Casting; Surprise Casting;Advanced Learning

LANGUAGES: Common; Elven; Dwarven; Draconic

SKILLS: Appraise 3; Balance 2; Bluff 11; Concentration 4; Diplomacy 7; Disable Device 9; Disguise 5; Escape Artist 4; Gather Information 5; Handle Animal 5; Hide 7; Knowledge Nobility/Royalty 4; Move Silently 7; Open Lock 9; Perform/Sing 6; Search 7; Sense Motive 6; Sleight of Hand 3; Use Magic Device 4

Equipment: Studded Leather Armor; Rapier; Light Crossbow (and 100 bolts); 2 Daggers; Ring of Protection +1; Thieves Tools; Bedroll; Winter Blanket; Flint & Steel; Beltpouch; Backpack; Traveler’s Outfit; Wine Bottle; 3 Cure Light Wounds Potions

Money: 1410 gold, 6 silver

Spell Save DC Level Spells/Day Bonus Spells
13 0 6 0
14 1 5 1

(+1 to save vs. ench)

0 LEVEL: Dancing Lights; Daze; Detect Magic; Ghost Sound; Message; Open/Close; Read Magic

1 LEVEL: Charm Person; Color Spray; Comprehend Languages; Detect Secret Doors; Disguise Self; Expeditious Retreat; Hypnotism; Mage Armor; Obscuring Mist; Rouse; Silent Image; Sleep; Undetectable Alignment; Whelm; Ventriloquism.


The Shaughnessy family has a long history of larceny. Connell Shaughnessy’s grandfather, Niall, ended up in the town of Ald in an effort to avoid arrest. There, he married a farmer’s daughter and had his own daughter, Bronwyn Shaughnessy, who he raised (at least, when he as around) on tales of grand adventure – and taught her various skills of a thief and a beguiler- – before deserting her and her mother when she was twelve.

Bronwyn hated life in her small-town, and dreamed of a more exciting life in a bigger city. At sixteen, Bronwyn left Ald to become a servant in the home of a successful merchant in the City of Mathod. Three years later, she was fired after her employers found a cache of small items stolen from guests of the household in her room. Bronwyn spent the next few years surviving on guile and charm. In her mid-twenties, she finally returned to Ald with six-year-old Connell, who believed (thanks to his mother’s tales) that he was the illegitimate son of a nobleman.

Bronwyn dumped Connell on her mother (now remarried to a local cooper) and was – like her own father had been – an only periodic visitor as a parent. During her increasingly infrequent visits, Bronwyn encouraged her son’s imagination – and passed on his grandfather’s teachings as a beguiler.

At the same time, Connell’s grandmother Elaine and her husband did their best to teach him to be a good person. They encouraged his friendship with Darius Feroz, a son of a respectable local sheepherding family. The influence of his grandparents and Darius wasn’t enough to completely overcome Connell’s inherent laziness and his desire to test how easily he could trick/mislead people – but they did instill in him a fundamental goodness that keeps his selfishness in check. As a result, though he always hoped that he could get away with stealing pie from the Widow Barnhart’s windowsill, he never held it against Darius when his friend confessed the theft.

Connell could never understand Darius’s desire to join the Ebon Brotherhood, however – it just seemed like so much work. Darius’s letters about his studies simply confirmed for Connell that it took too much effort to study, especially not when his mother’s occasional correspondence continued to lead him to dream of a life of glamorous leisure. Connell’s inability to focus his attention on anything for a long period of time thwarted his grandparents’ efforts to have him learn a skilled profession. They even tried to apprentice him to a bard, since he can sing passably well, but he simply could not spend the time and effort to learn to play any instruments.

At eighteen, Connell has finally pushed the limits of his grandmother’s patience – she has told him that he has to find a way to support himself other than taking advantage of people in their community. Though she loves him dearly, Elaine knows that if she allows Connell to continue living with her and her husband, he will never learn to stand on his own. It is time for him to grow up – and she hopes that in doing so, he will be a good person.

Connell himself acts as if it was his idea to finally strike out on his own – as if he had finally grown tired and bored with small-town life and decided to shake the dust of the farming community from his heels. In truth, he is torn between wanting to try the life of adventure supposedly led by his grandfather and his mother, and staying in the safe haven of Ald. Darius’s return to Ald, and his announcement that he intends to go adventuring, provide the impetus for Connell to stop fighting his grandmother’s decision to kick him to the curb.

Connell Shaughnessy

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